EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals

Text: Chris Myers • Photography: Christian Neuhauser

Logistics. When used in conversation, the word is often accompanied by depressing qualifiers (nightmare, headache, royal pain in the...), assembled references that essentially mean "bummer," a term you shouldn't have to use when it comes to your hard-earned vacation and riding time. We work hard all year for those coveted two or, if you're lucky, three weeks of time to rest, reflect, cool the jets, and ride. Very few of us consider staying close to home a satisfying way to spend our ten earned business days away from the doldrums of life at the office. After all, you don't mine salt all year to be rudely interrupted while cleaning out the gutters by one of those "Oh, thank God, you're home! We need you to come to the office right away!" phone calls. That's not what your time off is all about.

What it is about is adventure, exploration, travel, and most of all, fun. What better way to deaden the incessant blather of your bosses, clients and/or co-workers than with the rhythmic thump of a big Harley-Davidson barreling across the desert or loping along the Blue Ridge Parkway? Sure, that sounds great, but this is a really huge country. For most of us, our dream destination can be a ride that's three to four days away. Heck, out and back adds up to as much as eight days. That's the better part of the vacation right there. Aaarrg! Those blasted logistics again.

Fear not, there's a solution. Yes, my bi-coastally afflicted victims of bi-wheeled wanderlust, there is an answer to this quandary, and we call it EagleRider. Thanks to this rapidly growing Los Angeles-based company, your dream-ride deliverance from the toils of the work-a-day routine is a mere airline ticket away.

Founded in 1992 by Harley-Davidson enthusiasts Peter Wurmer, Jeff Brown, and Chris McIntyre, EagleRider has expanded across the country and beyond its borders to become the largest motorcycle tourism company in the world. From L.A. to D.C., to Spain, France, and Mexico, there's a ride out there with your name on it. As you've already guessed from the name, EagleRider does, indeed, specialize in renting Harley-Davidsons. Considering the fact that they are The Motor Company's number-one customer, purchasing anywhere from 1300-1500 units every year, it's safe to assume they know a thing or two about Milwaukee iron.

If you're not blown away by a full line of Harleys, that's not a problem. Models from Victory, Honda, and BMW are also available at EagleRider. But wait, that's not the end of it; adventure riding is also on tap. A wide selection of ATVs, dirt bikes, dual-sports, and personal watercraft is on hand to satisfy your thirst for action. If you can't fashion a great vacation with these guys, maybe you do belong on the roof with the grime and muck in those gutters.

EagleRider has worked hard over the years to secure a reputation for quality and reliability that is second to none. They rack up such high purchase numbers simply because they don't believe in seeing anyone off on aging equipment. No machine in the fleet will see more than 18,000 miles before being replaced. In fact, the company restocks their entire inventory of over 2,000 bikes with new models every year.

It's comforting to know that your ride will both run and look great when you pick it up. And since no machine is perfect and mechanical issues can crop up anywhere, EagleRider has you covered there as well. They do their own roadside assistance and when a problem arises, someone from the nearest office will come out and repair or exchange the bike. Help is only a phone call away.

When you hook up with EagleRider, there are many options to choose from regarding your trip. You can plan your own ride and simply pick up the bike and go. That's great, but some riders prefer an approach that's a bit more structured in order to maximize their precious time, especially if they're unfamiliar with the area or even the country.

Early on, from the customer's point of view, EagleRider realized renting a motorcycle is one thing, but knowing the great places to ride is another. A guided tour division started soon after the company began and it has become a big part of the operation. This VIP service allows customers to experience the best riding the area has to offer without enduring the headache of searching out the best routes, restaurants, and hotels. These tours provide experienced guides and all of the amenities that comprise the perfect vacation. Everything from chase vans to a farewell dinner is included. Needless to say, the guided tours are very popular with guests from other parts of the world. For those of us more at home with the language and culture, self-guided tours are offered. Day-by-day itineraries outline the route, accommodations, and much more - an ideal option for making the most of your time without the constraints of group riding.

No matter what type of touring you prefer, you're covered. Since 1992, EagleRider has focused on perfecting their product and establishing themselves not only as the largest motorcycle rental outfit in the world, but as one of the finest tour companies out there. You'll find there's no resting on their laurels either as EagleRider explores new avenues in the adventure touring market, continually adding different and exciting products to their lineup.

Hey, it's your free time, and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. So, lose the frantic phone calls and annoying co-workers, and contact EagleRider. They'll see to it that nothing stands in the way for you to have your perfect adventure.